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Delicate needlepoint lace

A very delicate sort of needlework found in Turkey is needlepoint lace, called 'oya' or 'igne oyasi' in Turkish. This delicate lace is made using thread and needle, and is, unlike what some people think, not related to crochet or bobbin lace. The most delicate needlepoint lace is found in Turkey (during the reign of the Ottomans it was also found in Greece and Bulgaria). The 'oya' is worked into tiny floral edges, often of multiple colours. Even minute details such as the pistils are represented. Traditionally, different sorts of flowers and colours had a symbolic significance. Every region has its own style of needlepoint lace: small and delicate, large and brightly coloured, with or without beads. At Ottomania we sell new and vintage shawls with delicate needlepoint lace, separate needlepoint lace, beaded edges and floral garlands. We collect this on our travels, visit the women who make them and the collectors. When we started out, this particular form of crafts was not considered to be anything special, but fortunately now its value and importance has been discovered there as well. We also sell very beautiful and remarkable jewelry in which vintage and new needlepoint lace is combined with beads. These pieces are hand-made in Turkey.

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