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In one of Haarlem's most beautiful shopping streets you can find Ottomania.

A surprising and light store with a unique collection of interior decorations and consumer products from countries and regions belonging to the former Ottoman Empire, mainly Turkey, but also from Lebanon, Tunisia and Greece, for example.

The high-ceilinged store, with its old Dutch and French tiles dating from around 1900, ornate stucco and wooden floors, matches our interior perfectly. The cabinets and benches in our store have been designed by ourselves, inspired by the interiors of Ottoman houses.

Behind the store is a fine city garden with a white Turkish marble terrace and a traditional Turkish daybed.


Most of the products at Ottomania have been hand-made by artisans and mostly serve a traditional purpose.

Despite their humble origins they are elegant, light and timeless and therefore suit our western tastes well.

Examples of products you can find at Ottomania are mattresses and cushions made of subtly shimmering, striped fabrics for couch or bench, lovely luxurious bath towels with a subtle floral pattern weaved in, multifunctional hammam towels (light-weight and easy to fold for beach, pool, holidays, sauna or gym), elegant bath robes, toilet bags, deliciously scented soaps, bed spreads, bowls and trays made of tinned copper, lanterns, ornate glassware, beautiful jewelry and delicate shawls with needlepoint laced edges.


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