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Hamam towels and bath towel

The now well-known Ottomania hamam towels are weaved at the weavers' homes. By now, several families, that we know personally, are weaving hamam towels for us. Our intermediary, who is devoted and sociable, provides them with the thread in the colours selected by us and searches for the right (traditional) looms for new home weaving mills. Many weavers prefer to weave at home like their predecessors did, rather than in factories where the work is mind-numbing and the noisy power looms roar on all day. We are glad that many weavers are able to weave in their quiet homes, because we want these weavers to enjoy their work. This enjoyment is visible in the high quality finishing of their products.

Our beautiful, luxurious bath towels with a floral motif weaved in are made in a small factory where we know the weavers personally. The towels are weaved on an old, semi-automatic loom, after which the fringe is knotted by hand.

From the many varieties of hammam and bath towels to be found in Turkey we specifically chose those that are hand-made and of superior quality. Besides that, the hammam and bath towels for sale at Ottomania appeal to us most because of their traditional, fresh and friendly feel.

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