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Permanent collection

Since the opening of our store in 2001 we have always tried to maintain a light, open atmosphere, like in the Ottoman houses. Most of our beautiful and timeless products are part of our permanent collection. Because of this we can keep working on the quality of our products and customers always know what to find at Ottomania. Of course we also vary in our collection by adding new colours or designs. The collection is also expanded regularly with unique findings made on our travels. Finally, we are always on the lookout for new artisans who can enrich our collection with beautiful new products.

We do not follow trends and do not make concessions by abandoning our style for a more commercial approach. Some of our products have, perhaps because of us, become a trend in the Netherlands, as illustrated by our hammam products, in particular the hammam bath towels. Who could have foreseen the success of these towels when we started Ottomania?

Ottomania gives you the opportunity to enter the quiet ambiance of an Ottoman house in the heart of Haarlem; a house that is decorated with subtly shimmering fabrics, lovely hamam towels, glassware, hand-made jewelry, scented soaps, delicate needlework, delicious Haci Bekir lokum (Turkish delight) and beautiful trays and bowls. At Ottomania you can also find a small collection of photo, cookery and travel books and literature about Turkey and the Near East. Some editions are imported from Turkey by us and therefore only available in the Netherlands at Ottomania. The magazine Cornucopia, Turkey for Connaisseurs is also exclusively sold by Ottomania.

You are most welcome in our store, if only to experience the ambiance.

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