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Vanishing trades

Some trades are slowly vanishing, such as that of the coppersmiths. This is a logical consequence of progress. Copper plates, bowls and pots are no longer necessary because they have been replaced by pots and pans made of stainless steel or plastic. Unfortunately, because of this the beautiful trade and the livelihood of coppersmiths are lost. Thankfully the traditional copper products (which we have tinned, as has always been the custom) such as large trays, hamam bowls and lanterns can still be used in our homes. By asking the coppersmiths to make authentic products according to traditional methods such as bowls and plates, often products for which they were originally trained, they no longer have to earn their living by making cheap souvenirs only. Now they can busy themselves with their original trade and work with inspiration and creativity again. Those coppersmiths who were still making bowls according to traditional methods when we met them ply their trade proudly as well.

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