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mohair blanket white with black striped

mohair blanket white with black striped

These beautiful, softly shiny, hand-woven mohair rugs from the far east of Turkey are made from the wool of Angora goats from central and eastern Turkey. After the rugs have been woven, the wool is combed out, after which the rug is washed and a nice symmetrical pattern is brushed in. The rugs can be used as a rug (with anti-slip mat underneath) or as a blanket over a bed or sofa.

Washing instructions: can be washed with a wool detergent on a wool wash programme. However, it cannot be tumble dried, so washing in the summer is recommended. The brushed pattern may become slightly less visible after washing, but can be reshaped with a clothes brush. But these rugs are also very beautiful when brushed flat.



rug / blanket from mohair

cream and black

Length x width
220x160 cm / 86.6x63 inch

2940 gram

80% mohair wool, 20% nylon

€ 199,00


Wash both the pillow and the pillowcase (inside out) with a mild detergent at 30 °. The pillow can also be tumble-dried at a low temperature. In the meantime, shake up and let it dry in the air.

Small mattresses (150x50 cm) can be washed in the washing machine with a mild detergent at 30 ° degrees. Then shake well and put it in the tumble dryer at a low temperature if necessary. In the meantime, shake it up and let it dry in the air. Have large mattresses dry cleaned.

Wipe with a mild dish soap and soft sponge. Then dry WELL with a soft cloth. If necessary, polish with a universal metal polish.