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flower embroidry 65x28 cm - no. 1818

flower embroidry 65x28 cm - no. 1818

Beautifully embroidered cushions could be found in homes in the Turkish countryside some years ago. In our shop in Haarlem we sell this lovely authentic, embroidered pillows (these are original and old). To prevent this cozy cushions for disappearing, and to be able to offer this style in our online store and wholesale as well, we re-created this type of pillows.

Made of 100% crisp white cotton, with colored floral embroidery. Most cushion covers have open sided with lace edges, just as was usual in Turkey. For a summery, authentic atmosphere in the house!



cushion with embroidery

white, with green twigs and dark pink flower clusters

Length x width
65x28 cm / 25.6x11 inch

cover: 100% cotton, filling: 100% polyester

€ 59,50


Wash both the pillow and the pillowcase (inside out) with a mild detergent at 30 °. The pillow can also be tumble-dried at a low temperature. In the meantime, shake up and let it dry in the air.

Small mattresses (150x50 cm) can be washed in the washing machine with a mild detergent at 30 ° degrees. Then shake well and put it in the tumble dryer at a low temperature if necessary. In the meantime, shake it up and let it dry in the air. Have large mattresses dry cleaned.

Wipe with a mild dish soap and soft sponge. Then dry WELL with a soft cloth. If necessary, polish with a universal metal polish.