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earrings Flower mini coral and labradorite

earrings Flower mini coral and labradorite

These beautiful tiny earrings are handmade with coral, moonstone, labradorite, goldfill and sterling silver.

The used coral is from a responsible kind which is ejected by the sea and syntheticly colored. The color and form of the gemstones used can vary by time and differ from the photo, as it is a natural product.

The hooks are goldfill. Goldfill is a high quality nickel-free gold alloy and therefore very suitable for people with allergies.

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earrings #OT 324

light orange, white, grey

1 cm / 0.4 inch

3.5 cm / 1.4 inch

coral, labradorite, pearls, gold-fill, sterling silver

€ 99,95


Beautiful hand made jewelery made of natural gemstones, pearls, crystal, 925 silver, and gold-fill. Gold-fill is a high quality, nickel free alloy of sterling silver and gold. The colour or sheen never changes (so it is NOT gold plated!). The used gemstones are a natural product, so each stone is unique and can differ in colour compared to the pictures and each new delivery can be slightly different as the previous one.

All hooks are gold-filled or 925 silver. According to contact with the skin and cosmetics, silver will get dark while wearing.

The fine crochet jewellery with small beads are quite elegant. The crocheted jewellery is made of nylon thread with glass beads, so they can just get wet or being washed (in a washing bag). With a cotton cloth in between, the bracelets can also be ironed.