Earrings with gemstones and 9 carat gold
These beautiful earrings and necklaces are handmade in Israel. The material and colour combinations make this collection unique and elegant. The designer is very inspired and makes all her designs by her self of 9 carat gold-filled gold, sterling silver, semi-precious stones and imitation crystal. Some cheaper models have some copper parts too. The hooks are always made of gold or silver.

Needlework and crocheted necklaces
A very delicate sort of needlework found in Turkey is needlepoint lace, called 'oya' or 'igne oyasi' in Turkish. This delicate lace is made using thread and needle, and is, unlike what some people think, not related to crochet or bobbin lace. Although, in some regions you will find crocheted 'oya' as well. Traditionally, the 'oya' is worked into tiny floral edges, often of multiple colours. Every region has its own style of needlepoint lace: small and delicate, large and brightly coloured, with or without beads.

In different regions of Turkey there are initiatives where they make beautiful necklaces with the local variant of 'oya'. Usually several women work on a collective basis. We sell these 'oya' necklaces in our shop in Haarlem since 2007, and since 2011 also in our webshop. We have two collections in our webshop: real needlepoint lace necklaces and crocheted with beads. We visit the women from time to time to select our own collection.

In our shop in Haarlem we sell lots of kinds of original 'oya' (new and vintage) on shawls. We also sell long necklaces made of beads with beautiful, brightly coloured large vintage neeldework flowers. A woman in Turkey makes these beautiful necklaces. As each one is different and unique, we can not sell them in our webstore. If you would like to see this collection but you are not able to visit our store in Haarlem, please send us an e-mail.