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Turkish Delights - Philippa Scott - hardcover - engels

Turkish Delights - Philippa Scott - hardcover - engels

The cultural meeting of East and West unites the wealth of paintings, drawings, photographs and decorative objects in this gloriously illustrated book. The result is a cornucopia of Turkish delights, from carpets, silks, tiles and turbans to tulips, tobacco, coffee and croissants. Liotard’s fine portraits of Westerners in Turkish dress, Carpaccio’s turbanned figures and the coveted ‘Turkey’ carpets that appear in paintings by Lotto and Holbein also bear witness to the Western fascination with all things Ottoman.

Philippa Scott’s engaging and informative text explains how and why Turkey has been such a fount of inspiration in so many artistic and cultural fields – including painting, ceramics, textiles, interiors and fashion – for over five hundred years. Today the many fruits of this cultural encounter will delight a fresh audience with the decorative possibilities of the ravishing colours, motifs and furnishings of traditional Turkey.

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